The Future-proof business – pipedream or possibility?

March 28 2019

Every company wants to be a high performer, a market leader, the best in class.  Setting the benchmark that their competitors aspire to.  Inspiring, innovating, changing the game.  This company’s brand is synonymous with success, the company that people want to work for, the example used to demonstrate the way that things should be done.

Is this realistic for all businesses?  Not necessarily because, of course, not everyone can be the best.  Ultimately it comes down to multiple factors, not least the available resources.  However, some of the principals to set you on that path apply to all businesses. 

One of the key fundamentals is available to everyone, if you do the right groundwork.  Getting the right people.

All high performing companies have one thing in common, they recognise the critical importance of having great people.  However, having great people is just one part of the puzzle.  It’s also about retaining the best people.  Creating an environment that nurtures and develops your superstars and that attracts other high performers to the organisation. 

An effective talent strategy goes hand in hand with an effective organisational strategy.  Knowing where your business is now and where you want it to be in five years’ time.  Similarly, knowing what skills you have in the business now and those that you will need to attract or develop in order to support the business’ requirements five years from now.

Using tech to connect talent and organisational strategy

We all realise AI and automation are playing an ever-increasing role in our businesses.  When implemented effectively, the efficiencies through automation can be stark.  For, example Helena the AI head hunting tool, by tech company Woo, generated a 52% success rate of candidates to interview, compared to a 20% success rate for human recruiters.

As AI and machine learning gather momentum, so too does the opportunity for organisations to become more agile and effective.  The impact for the workforce is that certain process-driven jobs will no longer be needed but many new skill requirements will arise to support the new approach. 

A strategy that is technology led but, ultimately, people enabled. Preparing for the future of work

Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trends study identified that 99% of companies are taking action to prepare for the future of work.


Clearly, an effective talent strategy is front of mind for most HR leaders asked.  The question then is how do you bridge the skills gap identified as a priority by 52% of respondents?  Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trends study suggests:

  • Build talent – 84% of executives believe that the highest ROI will come from redesigning their jobs and reskilling their best people accordingly. That said only 43% of HR leaders are currently redesigning their roles.
  • Buy talent – Identify the skills that you need and recruit accordingly. 53% of business leaders plan to increase spending on recruiting the right skills for the future.
  • ‘Bot’ talent – 3 in 5 companies plan to increase spending on automation of the talent screening process in 2019.


Let Stratigens be the keystone in your strategic planning process

Stratigens, by Talent Intuition, was created to help business leaders put their people requirements at the epicentre of the strategic process.  Future-proofing your talent pipeline, regardless of the circumstance. 

You might want to expand operations into new locations or markets and need to better understand the skill pool available.  It could be that you’re interested in ensuring business continuity or simply secure competitive advantage.

Stratigens provides a looking glass, a view to the horizon, allowing you to collaboratively plan strategy with confidence, while mitigating risk.  Utilising thousands of robust external data sources we can provide the senior leadership team with a level of insight like never before, accessible directly from your desktop.

Stratigens is set to go live at the end of March.  To see a demo please get in touch .