NEWS UPDATE: Webinar Collaboration with Greyhairworks!

July 13 2020

NEWS UPDATE: Webinar Collaboration with Greyhairworks!


A 30 minute tea-time treat including a keynote from major brand Atos, a couple of Solutions Partners including our own Alison Ettridge and a few gobbets of information.


We are delighted to announce we will be part of ‘Greyhairworks!’ 30-minute tea – time sessions. Our very own Alison Ettridge will be speaking from the ‘Greyworks!’ People Cluster portfolio.


Alison will focus on how to help HR leaders use digital innovation to drive workplace and workforce decision-making.


Alison will be joined by  Damien Shevlin, SVP HR for UK&I and Northern Europe for Atos.


The session will include extracts from Atos’ recently commissioned White Paper “Journey 2024” - redefining Enterprise Purpose, which is a groundbreaking view of the post-covid business world.  Damien will also offer thoughts from closer to home as to how he and his HR team have navigated the last few months, together with a picture of what might come next to challenge the HR function and broader Atos leadership team.  This should be insightful given that Atos employs over 100,000 people in 73 countries, turning over 12 billion euros, and is partnering with the likes of Microsoft, Google, DellEMC and SAP.


Thirty Minutes on Thursday Teatime at Three-Thirty (unless you’re abroad and then it’s not)… our 30-minute series is on Thursday July 16th at 3.30 pm (please register here).